Master of Arts (Biblical Studies)

Objectives – Students in the Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) program can expect to develop the following competencies during studies at the divinity school:

    • Spiritual Competence – will enable the student to demonstrate growth in the life of the Spirit.
    • Biblical Competence – will enable the student to summarize the development and content of the two testaments and to interpret their texts using the methodological approaches available to expositors and scholars.
    • Theological Competence – will enable the student to outline the theological teachings of the scriptures and to identify key persons and periods in the development of Christian theology.
    • Theoretical Competence – will enable the student to select a biblical discipline, learn its theories, and develop the skills required by the discipline.

Concentrations – The Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) program has three (3) concentrations from which to choose: Old Testament (language required), New Testament (language required), or English Bible.

Requirements – As outlined below, each Master of Arts program is comprised of twenty-seven (27) semester hours of required courses.

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Graduation – Students who plan to complete the Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) at Carolina Graduate School of Divinity must…

  • Participate in the spiritual and community life of the divinity school.
  • Complete sixteen (16) courses (48 semester hours) with a 3.0 or higher grade point average within the four (4) year time limit.
  • Submit the Graduation Application and Graduation Fee by the stipulated deadline.
  • Be cleared by the Business Office for graduation.
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