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Spring B 2016

BL 520:
Greek II: Intermediate

DM 990: Preaching from the Life of David

OT 502: Old Testament Introduction

NT 630: Life and Epistles of Paul

PM 525: Church Administration

PR 610: Preaching from the Life of David

RS 625: Senior Seminar

Spring A 2016

DM 925:
1st Century Leadership Model for 21st Century Ministers

MI 535: Religions of the World

OT 501: Old Testament Introduction

PM 655: Coping with Stress in Ministry

PR 520: Preaching through the Thessalonian Epistles

TH 730: Christian Apologetics

Fall B 2015

DM 830: Disciplines that Revitalize the Pastor

NT 502: New Testament II

PM 630: Growing Healthy Churches

PR 520: Preaching through the Epistle to the Philippians

SF 501: Life in the Spirit

WS 510: Historical Survey of Wesleyan Movement

Fall A 2015

BG 610: Between the Testaments

NT 501: New Testament Introduction

PR 510: Expository Preaching I

PS 510: Historical Survey of the Pentecostal Movement

RS 505: An Introduction to Theological Education

TH 615: Theologians of the Church

Summer 2015

DM 815: Biblical Principles That Shape Ministry

PR 610: Biographical Preaching: Studies in the Life of Abraham