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Spring B 2014

BL 520: Greek II: Elementary

DM 825:
The Art of Transforming Text into Sermon

DM 925:
Equipping Servant Leadership

MI 520: Creating a Global Vision in the Local

NT 502:
New Testament II

OT 610: Penteteuch

PM 530: Leadership Development in the Local Church

PM 610: Small Groups

RS 625: Senior Seminar

Spring A 2014

BG 501: The Biblical World

BL 520: Greek II: Elementary

NT 501: NT 501 New Testament I

PM 520: Pastoral Leadership in the Twenty-first Century

RS 505: Introduction to Theological Education

TH 520: Person and Work of the Spirit

Fall B 2013

CO 610: Marriage and Family Counseling

NT630: Life and Epistles of Paul

PM 730: Hospital Ministry

SF 501: Life in the Spirit

SF 620: Theology and Practice of Prayer

TH 502: Christian Theology II

 Fall A 2013

BL 510: Greek I

DM 914: Preaching through the Epistle to the Hebrews

NT 650: The Parables of Jesus

PM 515: Personal Preparation for Ministry
PM 525: Church Administration

SF 520: Spiritual Disciplines

TH 501: Introduction to Christian Theology I

TH 730: Apologetics

WO 515: Theology and Practice of Worship

Summer 2013

DM 815: Biblical Principles that Shape Ministry

EV 770: Pastoral Leadership in the Culturally Engaged Church

ME 750: Ministry Experience I

ME 751: Ministry Experience

PR 610: Studies in the Life and Ministry of Peter

2013 Carolina Graduate School of Divinity    2400 Old Chapman Street, Greensboro, NC 27403